WORX WX681 Review F50 400W Sonicrafter Multi-Tool Oscillating Tool with 40 Accessories

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Ideal for any application such as cut, scrap and much more

More powerful and five times faster than the original sonic rafter

Hyper-lock tool free accessory change

Has LED lights for optimal performance in dark areas


This sonicrafter is more powerful and it has a 450watt motor and a 5 degrees cutting angle which provides a unique cutting performance. It has up to 40 accessories included in it which enables it to handle varieties of work. It is ideal for cutting architraves and sanding in tight corners. It is also used for cutting woods, metals, pipes, ceramic tiles and more. The sonic F50 rotates five times faster than the previous model, making your work faster and more efficient. The Universal Fit System allows all multi-tools to locate accurately and the Hyper-lock clamping system allows you to change the accessories without worrying about spanners and Allen keys. The clamp provides a 1-ton clamping force which prevents accessories from loosening up in the middle of a project. Using the constant speed technology, the sonicrafter will the speed under different load for an optimum performance.


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