Wolfcraft B4920 Review Drill Press Vice 63mm

Wolfcraft B4920 Review

The tool can be used with drill stands and work benches.

It has automatic quick adjuster which can be used with the push of just a single button.

It has a steel jaw and a v-groove on one face which can easily be used to clamp around circular material.

The drill has a jaw opening of 70mm and also a jaw width of 70mm. The drill was manufactured from die-cast aluminum and also packaged with a paper board.


Wolfcraft B4920 Features 


  • Used in drill stands and work benches
  • Has a quick adjuster operated by a push button
  • Steel jaw with horizontal and vertical v-grooves to clamp round materials
  • Made of die-cast aluminium
  • Has 70mm jaw opening and the same jaw width
  • Features an automatic quick adjuster
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