Wolfcraft 6928000 Review Pulling Ledge, with Anvil and Support Pad, for correct placing of laminate

Wolfcraft 6928000 Review

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Has anvil and support part for correct arrangement of laminate next to each other

mainly used at room ends to fit laminate layers under a doormat frame conically shaped

with 3 felt pads underneath for gentle working as well as protecting the work piece surface

Large Felt Pad allows a gentle application

Has a professional design for a thick laminate and parquet

The tool is used for arranging laminates next to each other. It is mainly used at room ends so as to fit a laminate under the door frame. The pad features 3 felt pads underneath it for a gentle working while also protecting the surface of the work piece at the same time. It is conically shaped which makes it useful for a thick design and parquet.


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