Wolfcraft 6177000 Review Master 200 Folding Workbench

Wolfcraft 6177000 Review

The workbench features an integrated tool rack and four plastic jaws which can be easily used for securing work piece horizontally on the work bench.

It has a maximum loading of up to 180kg and 2 MDF jaws.

The front jaw can easily be adjusted using two handles and the robust base frame can easily be folded to save space during storage.

The work bench clamping system also features a spindle adjustment clamping jaws and an adjustment aid scale.


Wolfcraft 6177000 Features


  • 2 MDF clamping jaws, front jaw can be adjusted by 2 spindles
  • Integrated tool storage rack
  • 4 plastic jaws for clamping flat work pieces.
  • The workbench’s two MDF jaws are adjustable and allows all shapes to be securely held
  • Compact when folded and easy to store
  • Has an integrated storage rack that keeps the essentials within reach
  • Boasts of a max loading of 180kg
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