Wolfcraft 5484000 Review 60mm Bi-Metal Hole Saw with Hexagon Adapter and Centring Drill

Wolfcraft 5484000 Review

This Bi-Metal Hole Saw features a specially alloyed tool body with HSS teeth.

It can be used for drilling woods, ply woods, steel, non ferrous-metals and many more with a cutting depth of 40mm.

It can be directly used with no separate mandrel and it has a centering drill of 6mm.The ‘Hex’ nut drill shaft which fits into the drill chuck looks well constructed.

Wolfcraft 5484000 Features

  • Does not require a separate mandrel
  • Has a cutting depth of 40mm and works on varied materials
  • A specially alloyed tool body with HSS teeth
  • Can be used directly with no separate mandrel
  • Includes a centering drill of 6mm
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