Wolfcraft 5206000 Review 480mm Universal Angle

Wolfcraft 5206000 Review

The universal angle can be used for measuring, marking and drawing.

It has a 32mm raster grid and an exchangeable plastic stop bar for working precisely on edges on both sides of the work piece.

It can be used for measuring radii, circles and cup hinges. It has an angle of 900 and it was packaged with a sleeve.


Wolfcraft 5206000 Features

  • For measuring, marking and drawing
  • stop with angle 90 °
  • with low angle and angle measuring scale
  • Changeable stop for precise work on edges (on both sides of the
    workpiece) and on surfaces
  • 32 mm grid and marking template for radii
  • Wolfcraft 4645000 – Universal Dowel Kit
  • For 6, 8 and 10 mm dowel pins
  • For all common wood/ dowel connections
  • Exact and stable corners
  • T-butts
  • Surface-to-surface connections
  • Manufactured from steel
  • Packaged with a sleeve
  • It features a stop-bar for working on edges and surfaces
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