Wolfcraft 5121000 Review Easy Cut Log Saw Horse For Chainsaws, Foldable

Wolfcraft 5121000 Review

It is a robust and sturdy saw horse with a maximum loading of up to 150kg.

It allows you to be able to fill the wheel barrow two with only two or three cuts without having to stop the chain saw.

The wide feet and 26mm round tube ensures its stability and the wooden boards prevent the chain from getting damaged with saw marks at 25, 50, and 75 cm (for 25 cm logs) and 33 and 66 cm (for 33 cm logs).

It features and anti-throw off locking mechanism which also works for a single wooden piece and the saw horse can easily be folded for space-saving storage.


Wolfcraft 5121000 Features 

  • Can be folded hence saves storage space
  • Stable because of the wide feet and round table
  • Can be used for single wooden pieces
  • Has a lock mechanisms which prevents wood from falling off
  • Wooden boards to prevent the chain from getting damaged
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Has a wide feet and a 26mm round tube for stability
  • Has an anti-throw off locking mechanism which is also applicable to a single wood
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