Wolfcraft 5019000 Review Angle Grinder Stand

Wolfcraft 5019000 Review


The grinder stand features a solid construction from cast aluminum with a sturdy cast iron table.

The grinder stand was also a designed for clamping which allows an easy fixing of clamps and vices with it.

It has a robust construction with a metal bar and can be used when cutting metals.

The stand can boast of an integrated clamping device and it can be used for the 115 and 125mm angle grinders.

Wolfcraft 5019000  Features 

  • Integrated clamping device-working surface milled with clamping
  • Separation stand for angle grinders
  • For cutting metal
  • Solid construction with cast aluminum plate
  • Strong cast iron table
  • Good and solid iron base
  • Comes with a spark guard
  • Robust construction with a metal bar
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