Wolfcraft 4642000 Review Undercover Jig-Set

Wolfcraft 4642000 Review


This tool enables you to connect your work pieces faster and more precisely in three easy steps which includes: drilling a borehole into the work piece with the undercover jig-set, and join the two work pieces together with screw and thereafter have a precise and stable connection.

It measures the thickness or the board with in-built ruler and also corner, mitre, and edge to edge connections.

It features a pre-adjustment for all board thickness (min: 12mm).


Wolfcraft 4642000 Features 

  • Measures the board thickness with a built-in ruler
  • Pre-adjustment for all standard board thicknesses (min. 12 mm)
  • Corner connections, mitre connections
  • T-butt connections
  • Edge-to-edge connections
  • Easy and fast to connect
  • Drills accurate borehole in a work space
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