Wolfcraft 3415000 Review Mobile Clamp, Versatile and Quick

Wolfcraft 3415000 Review


The tool as the name implies is versatile and very quick fro clamping works.

It is known as the third hand for every craftsman.

It can be used for clamping and alignment of parts to aid nailing, welding, and screwing.

The screw of the clamp can be adjusted and put to work as bench vice.

The mobile clamp features a 65mm clamping width and a 68mm jaw width.

The clamp also features a device which is 900 corners joint and a saw guide for 450 metre joint.

Wolfcraft 3415000 Features 

  • For handy and quick clamping
  • Clamping device for 90° corner joints, saw guide for 45° mitre cuts
    and workbench vice
  • Assembly aid for the alignment and clamping of parts for nailing,
    welding or screwing
  • Mobile and can be moved about
  • Has clamping device 900 corner joints and saw guide for 450 meter cut.
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