Wolfcraft 3325000 Review Forstner Drill Bit Ø 10 mm Shank and Ø 40 x 90 mm Size

Wolfcraft 3325000 Review


This drill features a cutting geometry, with this invention; holes can be drilled with little effort.

The tool is ideal for tear-free drilling, exact blind holes and edge holes in all plastic-coated chipboards and soft woods.

Forstner Drill is so precise that no burn marks is left on the wood.

For drilling a tear-free and dimensional correct hole, Forstner Drill is the right choice for you.


Wolfcraft 3325000 Features 

  • Patented cutting geometry
  • Shorter drilling times
  • Does not leave burn marks in the wood
  • Drilling with less effort
  • Protects the machine
  • For drilling tear-free and accurate holes and edge holes in all softwoods and plastic coated chipboard
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