Wolfcraft 3021000 Review EHZ Easy 75-300 – one-hand clamp

Wolfcraft 3021000 Review


The tool features a safe, convenient and quick clamping with just one hand.

It has a large clamping area and an even distribution clamping force which can easily be adjusted with the single press of button.

It is a strong and powerful tool for clamping, thanks to its whooping 90kg clamping force.

It has a clamping depth of 75mm and a large clamping width of 300mm.

It has a high quality rail that ensures a long-lasting clamping. It also features adjustable spacers which protects the work piece and serves as support.

Wolfcraft 3021000 Features 

  • The clamp is comfortably positioned in hand
  • Easy conversion to the spreading function
  • About 90kg clamping force
  • Simple to use with basic clamping and releasing functions
  • Tampered steel and glass fibre reinforced plastic
  • Hardened steel rails and fiber glass reinforced plastic
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