Wolfcraft 2916000 Review Dowel Kit Complete ø 6 mm

Wolfcraft 2916000 Review

This can be used for making exact markings on dowel holes.

The dowel tool has a complete four centre points and it was packaged in a double card with an inlaid blisters

Used for drilling plywood, wood, chipboards, and fibre boards.

The tool drills with precision, thanks to the precision-ground rough cutter and a centering tip.

It also features a depth set system.

Wolfcraft 2916000 Features 

  • A universal and quick doweling jig for corner, T-butt and edge-to-
    edge connections.
  • For accurate markings of dowel holes
  • For drilling woods, chip boards, fibre boards and many more.
  • Features a depth set system
  • Packaged in a double card with inlaid blister
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