Wolfcraft 2732000 Review Dowl Drill for wood ø 8 mm

Wolfcraft 2732000 Review

This drill is also used for cutting woods, chip boards, fibre woods and ply woods.

It features a precision-ground rough cutter and a centre tip for accuracy during drilling.

The drill has a very high durability and fixes easily and safely on the drill.

It boasts of the depth adjustment system and made from a quality chromium-vanadium steel.

The drill is suitable for the 3750000, 4640000 and 4650000 drills.

Wolfcraft 2732000 Features

  • Can be used on wood, plywood, chipboards, fibre boards
  • Drill with precision-ground rough cutter and centering tip
  • High durability, can be fixed easily and safe to use
  • Depth of cut set by depth stop
  • Made of chromium-vanadium steel
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