Wolfcraft 2544000 Review 3.2-12mm Screw Starter with Countersink and Depth Stop

Wolfcraft 2544000 Review

The screw starter can be used on wood, non-ferrous metals and plastic materials.

It has a hexagonal shank which aids the quick change of tools in bits holders.

It also features an adjustable depth stop which is perfect for series drilling and enables it drill and sink in just one work step.

It has a very light weight of 1.4 ounces which makes it’s handling more comfortable and well packaged with a blister card.

Wolfcraft 2544000 Features 

  • Hexagonal shank, for the quick change of tools in bit holders.
  • Drills and sinks in one work step.
  • Has adjustable depth stop conducive for series drilling of the same
  • For cutting woods, non-ferrous metals and many more.
  • Packaged on a blister card.
  • Features a counter sink and depth stop.
  • Suitable for series drilling.
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