Wera 05056490001 Review Tool-Check Plus Tool Set, 39 piece 1 Black

Wera 05056490001 Review

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We looked at the tool and the Features of the Wera 05056490001 and here’s what we found…

Compact and can be easily carried


Gives 162 options for tool change

Usable in tight spaces

More than 65Nm torque value

Tool interchangeability giving about 162 different options

Compact and easy to carry

Strong and fine action bits ratchet

Suitable for working in areas with a little space

Tough and viscous bits for a universal use


This tool set has wide range of screw driving appliances such as ratchets, bits, socket and holder. Hard gripping zones for maximum speed while the soft zones ensure torque. It has a mini- ratchet for rapid work during fastening jobs with a power tool. It has a rapid change over from left to right by using switch over lever. It also has a maximum torque of about 65Nm. The direct bit take-up in the ratchet head makes for a mini tool design and is ideal for low working heights. The tool Rapidaptor bit holder with free-turning sleeve: can be used as an extension; for rapid bit change without any special tools. It ensures a very simple operation even at low working heights.

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