Wera 05035927001 Review Kraftform Kompakt SH 1 Plumbkit Multi-tool Set, 25-Piece in High Quality Pouch

Wera 05035927001 Review

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For fastening long threads

The screw drivers are insulated to stand up to 1000V

Multi function ratchets for rapid operations

Convenient storage case

The Kraftform chisel driver is used for heavy duty operations

Hollow shaft north spinners for fasteners on long threads

Kraftform VDE insulated screw driver for safer working

Joker ratchet wrenches to prevent slip and hold fasteners

Kraftform chisel driver for heavy duty screw driver and chiseling


The compact tool is part of Wera’s top plumbing and heating tools. It features a joker ratchet wrenches to open-end limit-stop to prevent slipping. It also has the Zyklop 0.25-inch multi-function ratchet for fast and powerful operation, plus accessories and the Kraftform VDE Insulated screwdrivers for a safer working of up to about 1000v. The compact tool also has the hollow shaft nut spinner for fasteners on long threads. It boasts of the craftform chisel driver for heavy chiseling and screw driving. All this tools comes in a compact high quality pouch which is easy to carry around.


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