Triton TA235CSL Review Precision Circular Saw, 235 mm

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Has new features like the magnesium guard with the base and laser lighting

The saw is ideal for hand-held use

It has a micro depth adjustment knob allows for up to 6 mm of fine tuning

The rack and pinion height system enables rapid setting for both handheld and table-mounted operation


The circular saw is just a replacement for triton TSA001 235 mm precision circular saw. It has all the key features of this saw, while it comes with new features such as the magnesium guard with the base and laser lighting. It features a lock-off button which increases safety by preventing accidental start up, while the location holes allows for easy and rapid fitting of the bevel. The saw has a rack and pinion height system for fast and accurate adjustments when mounted upside down on a router table, while the premium 40-tooth tungsten carbide-tipped blade allows for smoother and more accurate cross cuts and rip cuts. The user safety is also guaranteed as it has a power-on neon light which provides an additional safety measure, as it ensures that you are aware when the saw is plugged in, while the laser line laser line generator enhances safety and enables faster set-up and improved accuracy during handheld use.


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