Triton RTA300 Review Precision Router Table

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It can be used on the triton workcentres and router stands

It has a range of accessories which include Jigsaw Kit, Biscuit Joiner and Finger Jointer

It is suitable for most 1/4 inch and 1/2 inch routers

It features a Sliding table insert with removable protractor


Quick installation of any triton router is easier and quicker with the triton precision router table. The table features a quality mounting plate which allows easy installation of heavy fittings with the table. The table can be used in jigsaw cutting, biscuit jointing and finger jointing by just adding other small accessories. It features a clear safety guard in which the height can be easily adjusted and can be mounted directly to the table for safe free-hand work. It has a non-return pressure fingers, for both vertical and horizontal support and can be easily adjusted or removed. The table has micro adjusters which allows for fine adjustment of the fence position for rebating and planning. The table also has a dust extraction tube which can e asily be connected to a dust collection system.


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