Triton RSA300 Review Router Stand

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Features a all-steel construction including durable fasteners

Easily foldable legs for easier storage and transportation

Fitted with a safety switch to prevent accidental activation

Features a quick stop flap which ensures a total control of the router stand

Hooks included for storing the appliance tools


The router stand enhances the functionality of the router table and allows you to leave your work space set for use with your circular saw. It has adjustable legs which allow you adjustable the table to your height, while also making the table perfect for work on an uneven or rough ground. The legs can easily be folded for easy transportation and storage. The stand is also fitted with a safety switch to help in preventing accidental activation of the router table. The router also features a quick stop flap which allows you to turn off the router by nudging the flap with your thigh, thereby giving you a full control of the stand.


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