Triton MSA200 Review Multi-Stand

Triton MSA200 Review

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Triton MSA200 Multi-Stand

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Tool Description and Specifications:

This multi-purpose, adjustable support stand has an extra-wide tripod base to provide excellent stability on both level and uneven ground. The Triton MSA200 multi-stand folds down in seconds for convenient transportation and storage.

The low-friction slide surfaces on the multi-stand provide smooth, controlled travel without unwanted ‘steering’ of the workpiece. This ensures that your work only moves when you want it to. In addition, unlike a roller stand, the workpiece will always follow the direction of feed rather than the direction the roller is facing. And, whilst the workpiece moves smoothly and effortlessly over the slide surfaces, there is no tendency for it to roll away or move unassisted.

The support head incorporates a clamp that works at almost any angle and height, allowing materials to be held for many applications in the workshop or home, and out on a worksite. The multi-stand allows for a height adjustment of 635-940 mm for maximum flexibility in use, providing an economical and reliable ‘second pair of hands’. This means that for many tasks where you may have previously needed to ask someone for assistance, with the Triton MSA200 multi-stand you can now confidently tackle them alone. Able to support more than 100 kg (220 pounds), the head pivots from horizontal to vertical, allowing you to adjust it for uneven ground and any support requirements for the job in hand. After you have finished, the Triton multi-stand folds away for easy transportation and storage, so that it takes up minimum space in the van and in the workshop.

MSA200 Features:

Strong steel construction
Extra-wide tripod base for excellent stability on all types of ground
Pivoting head & adjustable height for user convenience
Supports up to 100kg loads
Folds flat for easy storage


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