Triton MSA200 Review Multi-Stand

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Features a strong steel construction

Has a very wide tripod for stability on all types of ground

Can easily be folded for convenient storage and transportation

Supports load of up to 100kg or 220pounds

The support heads has clamps for maximum grip on the work piece


The stand features an all-steel construction; the legs are easily adjustable to your height and also for use on an uneven ground. The swiveling head goes from vertical to horizontal, allowing job completion on different work piece. It has a carrying capacity of more than 100kg while low friction slide on the surface of the multi-stand a smooth and accurate travelling without the unwanted steering of the work piece. Unlike a roller stand, the work piece will always follow the direction of the feed, instead of the direction the roller is facing. The support head features a powerful clamp which ensures a maximum grip on your work piece during usage. The multi-stand can easily be folded for a more convenient storage and transportation.


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