Triton DCA300 Review Dust Collection Bucket 20 L

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It prevents saw dust from filling or clogging vacuum cleaners

Compatible with any product with a dust collection outlet

Compatible with several triton work centers

Has a dust collection capacity of up to 20ltr

It weighs 1.9kg


The dust collection bucket is universal as it can be used with any product that has the dust collection outlet. The bucket has a huge 20 liter capacity. It prevents saw dust from filling or clogging your vacuum cleaner. It has a very light weight of just 1.9kg and it easy to handle and empty. With the dust collection bucket, a cleaner, safer, and a more comfortable working environment is guaranteed. The bucket is good for light and medium cleaning jobs and it is also compatible with the several triton work centers such as WCA201, WCA200 and many more


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