Triton DCA250 Review Workcentre Dust Bag

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Features a detachable pouch

Has bayonet and tapered hose connector

It can be easily fitted

Prevents dust from littering the workshop floor and contaminating the atmosphere

It has a vacuum hose


The dust bag is placed directly below the work table to help in catching the dusts in which the vacuum cannot reach because it is connected above the table. The dust bag collects dust drawn below the table by the saw teeth and will prevent the dust being released onto the workshop floor or the atmosphere ensuring a cleaner and safer working environment. The dust bag can be easily fitted and detached with the simple hook and look fastenings, while the retaining rods prevents entanglement and ensures the shape of the bag is retained for optimum dust collection. The dust bag features a robust felt bag, with a nylon sleeve that fits over the motor, thus allowing the continuous flow of air into the motor, while the removable pouch allows you to empty the dusts without removing the bag from the machine.


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