Trend T11EK Review TREND T11EK ROUTER 1/2 2000W VAR 230V & KITBOX – Black

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Has in-built quick raiser fine adjuster

Supplied with 22mm spanner

Has clamp guide system kit

Features a very large base apertures for large cutters

It has three quick release recesses in base which can be used with the quick release kit.


The router is supplied with the 22mm spanner. It features a spindle lock with a precise one-piece multi-slit collet for fail-safe grip of cutter shank. The hex collecting rod makes you change the cutter with ease, while the adjustable twin rod parallel side-fence guide with integral micro-adjuster provides a straight edge work. The router features an electronic full wave control of spindle speed under load for a good finishing on all work pieces. It has the kits for the optional clamp guide system, while the two-column precision base with large phosphor bronze bushes ensures a plunging accuracy. It comes with an in-built quick raiser fine adjuster, while the soft start eliminates unexpected movement of the machine during start up.


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