Terratek DY138777 Review 3.6V Lithium Ion Cordless Screwdriver Set, Includes Comprehensive 102pc Screwdriver Bit Set & Aluminium Carry Case

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Features a compact and light weight design

It saves time as it is 10X faster than manual screw driver

Has a power 180rpm motor

It has a variable speed control


The cordless screw driver features a 180 rpm motor which is ready to use for easy driving and removing of screw. The screw driver saves time as it is ten times faster than the normal manual screw driver. It has an inline grip which gives comfort and maximum control when using installing blinds, hanging curtain rods, assembling furniture and variety of other household materials. The screw driver features a variable speed control and can be easily switched from forward to reverse. It has 102 comprehensive screw driver bits and packed in a compact aluminum case. It has a 3.6v battery which can be easily charged, and can be stored for up to 6 months with no memory effect or self-discharge. The screw driver comes with the manufacturer’s 2-year warranty.


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