Tacwise GFN64V Review 64mm Finish Nailer. Air Finish Nailer.

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We looked at the tool and the Features of the Tacwise GFN64V and here’s what we found…


Has a high magazine

Can be used without any magazine adjustment

It features a nail depth control

It has a special side opening for jam clearance

Has a rubber grip and a 360° degrees exhaust system


The tool fires 160 stainless steel nails and 16G Nails 20-64 mm without requiring any magazine adjustment. It features a nail depth control and a special side opening for jam clearance. It can be used for various applications which include decking, door frames and skirting, fencing, fitting kitchens and bathrooms, staircase and banister construction and many more. The tool can run a low power compressor between 70-120 PSI. The nailer offers the reliability and speed for a tough and repetitive work and a high magazine capacity of 100 nails. It has a high durability driver blade system and a tough length nose. It has a soft rubber grip and a 360° exhaust system. It comes in a strong carry case for easy transportation and storage.


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