Tacwise Duo 50 Review Electric Staple/Nail Gun

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We looked at the tool and the Features of the Tacwise Duo 50 and here’s what we found…


Features a very light weight and compact design

The three tier safety feature helps prevents accidental firing

Has up to hundred magazine capacity

Features a quick reload system

Can fire up to 180 series nails and 91 staples


The tacwise electric staple/nail gun provides a unique performance while being fast and having a very light weight of just 2.5kg. The gun’s new features it allows you to fire 180 nails between 20-50mm and 91 series staples between 20-45mm in a galvanized steel with a load capacity of 100 nails or staples. It can be used on many surfaces which include softwood and medium woodwork, plasterboard and mdf, flooring and panelling, cabinet and plywood assembly, door and window assembly, subflooring and many other tasks. The tool features a quick reload system which allows you to reload nails/staples easily and quickly. It has a metal magazine with a capacity of hundred nails/staples, while the safety trigger and an on/off switch, along with a metal professional nose safety system helps prevent any case of accidental firing.


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