Tacwise Duo 35 Review Electric Staple/Nail Gun

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We looked at the tool and the Features of the Tacwise Duo 35 and here’s what we found…


A high performance and versatile nail gun

Features a three tier safety system

The dual capacity allows a tool less change between stapling and nailing functions

It has a nail/staple capacity of up to hundred


The machine dominates the electric staple/nail gun market in the UK. The dual functions of the gun allow you to fire the 91 series staples and the 180 series of nails. The dual function of the gun allows makes it useful for many tasks which includes: flooring, paneling or skirting, architrave and many more. It has a nail/staple capacity of up to100 nails, while quick release catch makes reloading simpler and faster. The gun incorporates an open nose gate which allows you fix nail or staple jamming easily, while the three tier safety system ensures your maximum safety during usage. The safety includes on/off switch, power light indicating on/off, and a nose safety device which must be pressed against the work piece in order for the tool to start up.


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