Tacwise DGN50V Review 50mm Brad Nailer – Air Nail Gun

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We looked at the tool and the Features of the Tacwise DGN50V and here’s what we found…


It has a very light weight of just 1.2kg

Can run on a very small compressor due to the low air pressure demand

The fast release ensures a quick and easy reload

It can be bump fired with its contact trip valve

The open nose gate allows you to clear nail jams


The nail gun features a high durability driver blade system and a very light of just 1.2kg. The tool can be bump fired with its contact trip valve, while the depth control adjustment ensures a precise counter sinking. The tool can be used for beading & picture/mirror frames, furniture/cabinet/woodwork assembly, soft and medium wood floorboards, staircase construction and banisters and many other applications. The tool uses 60 – 100 PSI air pressure and can easily run on a very small compressor. The open nose gate of nail gun allows user to clear unlikely nail jams quickly and easily, while the fast release magazine ensures an easy and quick reload


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