Tacwise A14014V Review 140-Staples Air Stapler Tacker

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Fast, compact and light weight air stapler

It staples between 4 – 14mm in leg length

The staples are available in stainless steel with 50 years of anti corrosion capacity

Operates on a very small compressor


The air stapler is commonly used in hand and it is suitable for hand tool users tackling volume stapling tasks with standard 140/4-14 mm and 140 stainless steel staples. It operates on 60-100 PSI of air pressure, so only a small compressor is needed. It has a compact and light weight design. The stapler is robust and can easily get into confined and difficult to reach areas. The stapler fires Tacwise 140 (T50 Type) staples between 4 – 14mm in leg length and all the staples come in a 50-year anti corrosion stainless steel.


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