Tacwise 191ELS Review Nail / Staple Gun with 180 Nail Selection Pack & 91 Staple Selection Pack (Bundle Pack)

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Has a flip open nose feature

Has 180 nail and 91 staple collections

The upgrade version of the bestselling nailer

Fires 7 different lengths of nails and 4 different lengths of staple


This is the upgraded version of the nail and staple gun from tacwise. It fires seven different lengths of for up to 35mm and fires four different length of staples for up to 30mm. It comes in a bundle with 180 nail selection packs and 91 staple selection packs whish can be found in a stainless steel finish which provides the protection against corrosion during outdoor applications. The nailer handles different second fix tasks which includes refurb and construction jobs around the home, garden projects, through to precision work and for work uses such as fixing furniture backs to assembling jigs and rigs and many more. The nailer incorporates a professional magazine with a quick release system for a faster and easier reloading.


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