Tacwise 140EL Review Electric Stapler/Nailer

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Compatible with G11 staples and T50 staples

Features a light weight and compact design

Has a fast reloading system

Made from stainless steel which boasts of 50 years of anti-corrosion capacity

Can fire up to 140 staples and 18G nails


The machine has the ability of firing the 180/15mm series nailer. The electric stapler/nailer can be used for laying carpet and underlay, securing insulation, plastic sheeting and many other household and workshop tasks. It takes up to about 140 of the 10mm staples. The tool features a very fast reloading system which ensures a quick replacement of the nails and staples, while the staple /nail refill windows ensures an easy refill of the magazine. It features a single shot trigger and a safety lock-on switch which ensures your safety by making you aware when the tool is on. The nailer is made from a stainless steel which boasts of a 50 years of anti-corrosion capacity. It is compact and has a very light weight of just 1.2kg, but it can be used for heavy duty applications


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