Tacwise 1038 Review Hobby 53EL Kit

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Has close to 4000 fixings including 180 nails and 53 staples

The staples has thin wires which is ideal where discreet finish is required

It features a compact and light weight design

Ideal for upholstery, hobby crafts and many more


The hobby kit is easy to use and it has user friendly features. It fires close to 53 staples in sizes 6 mm, 8 mm, 10, mm, 12 mm and 14 mm. These staples are easy to hide, thanks to their thin wires which make them ideal for various applications such as upholstery and canvas work where a discreet finish is desired. The hobby kit fires about 180 series of staple nails which can be used for fixing carpet underlay, or can be used as a holding agent when gluing. The kit is supplied with close to 4000 fixings which include the 180 nail series and the 53 staples. The kit is ideal for upholstery, hobby crafts, picture framing, moulding, beading and much more. The kit has a very light weight of just 1.6kg.


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