Stanley STA0GR25 Review Heavy-Duty Glue Gun

Stanley STA0GR25 Reviews 




The glue can be used on surfaces you do not wish to nail or staple.

It features a dual melt function which makes it suitable for wood, plastic, metal, glass, ceramics, rubber, leather, paper, card, fabric polystyrene and many other materials.

It has 25 watts of power and takes dual melt 11.3mm glue sticks for a full range of materials.

It features and high/low melt switch, the low melt uses 25watts, while high melt uses 80 watts of power.

The glue gun has a very light weight of just 336g, while the fold-down stand can be used for resting the tools between applications.

Stanley STA0GR25 Features


  • Uses 25watts of power for low melt and 80watts for high melt
  • Features a fold-down stand for use between applications
  • Can be used on surfaces you do not wish to nail or staple
  • Features a compact design and a very light weight


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