Stanley STA070416 Review cordless Glue Gun

Stanley STA070416 Review 




The gun can be used with or without cord; it lasts up to 12 minutes without cord which makes it ideal for outdoor use.

The tool has an interchangeable nozzle, and 1.8 lbs per hour output.

It features a quick heat up to 120 degrees in just 130 seconds and it uses 40 watts of power.

The glue gun is universal, as it uses all dual temp glue stick.

The glue gun has a very light weight of just 358g, while the ergonomic grip handle ensures a good grip and a fatigueless operation.

The gun is compact which makes it ideal for working in confined areas and easily carrying it around.

Stanley STA070416 Features


  • Can work without cord for up to 12 minutes
  • Features an interchangeable nozzle
  • It uses all dual temp glue stick
  • Features a quick warm-up as it heats from 0-1200 in 130secs


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