Stanley FMHT0-70418 Review FatMax High Output Professional Glue Gun

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Features a fast warm-up

Has LED indicator which make you aware when the gun is ready for use

Hibernate mode can store heat for up to 30minutes

Standby mode gets back to working temperature in 30 seconds


The machine features a fast warm-up which makes it reach its working temperature of 1900 within 60 seconds. It has hibernate mode which can store up the original heat generated for up to 30 minutes, while the standby mode goes back work in a short time of just 30seconds. It has a very large glue output of 2.5-3.3 lbs/per hr vs. current GR100 1.67 lbs/per hr, while the LED indicator makes you aware when the gun is ready for use (Red means the temperature of the heater is lower than 170℃. Green means the temperature is higher than 170℃ & ready to use). It also has a fold-down stand which allows you to drop the gun in between applications. It has a light weight of about 500 grams.


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