Stanley 8213360SCR001 Review 240V 5 Litre Air Compressor

Stanley 8213360SCR001 Review 




The compressor is light and very portable. It has a low noise of 83dB, unlike other compressors that makes a lot of noise.

It can be used for small household and workshop tasks such as nailing, dust removal and many more.

The compressor is the perfect companion for nailers as it can be used with 40mm nails through 9mm ply on to 50mm for dust extraction, timber and other small applications.

The compressor is easy to move around and can be used in places where a standard size compressor will be too big.

It weighs 8kg and has 0.5hp motor power.

The maximum air displacement is 4.5cfm, while the amount of the free max air is 2.65cfm.

It has a maximum pressure of 116psi (8bar) and a capacity 5 liter capacity.


Stanley 8213360SCR001 Features


  • It has 0.5hp motor power
  • It has a compact design which makes it ideal for use in places where a standard compressor will be too bulky
  • It has a maximum pressure of 116psi (8 bar)
  • Has a very low noise of 83dB


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