Stanley 070411 Review 4-in-1 FatMax Light-Duty Staple/ Nailer

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Incorporates a high/low setting

Features an easy squeeze for easy actuation

Has a bottom loading

Comes with a small supply of all the staples and nails


The light duty 4-in-1 stapler fires the four most popular stapler/brads they are TRA200 Light-Duty Staples: 4-14mm, CT100 Round Staples, SWKBN 18 Gauge Brads: 12-15mm. FatMax 4-in-1 Light-duty Stapler / Nailer. It fires cable tacks, light-duty staples and both headless and standard brads with an easy squeeze for easy actuation. The nailer incorporate the hi/lo setting. The low temp is used on soft and sensitive materials, while the high temp is used on hard materials. It features a bottom loading, and it comes with a small supply of all the staples and nails. It weighs 14.9 ounces


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