Stanley 005928 Review 50-inch Aluminum Pole Ultilty Sander

Stanley 005928 Review



The sander is 50inches in length. It is a universal sander, as it accepts most sanding screens and sand papers.

The sander features a heavy-duty aluminum body which makes it strong and durable for sanding.

It has strong clamps which ensure the sand paper or sanding sheet is tightly locked in place during use.

The sander is flat and rigid which makes suitable for sanding a large area of flat surfaces, while the bi-material handle ensures a secure grip on the sander at all times.

It has a rigid wooden handle and it weighs about 670grams.

Stanley 005928 Features 

  • Features a bi-material handle
  • It accepts most sanding screens and sand papers
  • Has strong clamps for a secure grip on the papers/screens
  • Ideal for sanding large area of flat surfaces



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