Skil 7226AE Review 250 W 6-in-1 Fox Multi-Sander, 100 x 150 mm/125 mm, 12 Sanding paper

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Has a 2-speed setting for working on sensitive areas

Has a dust collection system to ensure a cleaner working environment

The sander uses 6 combination of sanders

Has a powerful 250watts motor

It also has an integrated vacuum cleaner connection for collecting dust


The fox uses a combination of 6 different sanders. It combines a delta, orbital and random orbital sander with three special attachments for sanding difficult to reach areas which includes an attachment for sanding rounded surfaces, thus enabling you to tackle wide varieties of sanding jobs. The sander comes in a sturdy bag, three backing pads, three sanding attachments and 15 sanding sheets for a hassle-free sanding. The sander is high performance as it comes with 250watts motor which allows you to complete your sanding jobs quickly and easily. It features a 2-speed setting which is very useful when working in sensitive areas. The sander is completed with the dust collection system and also an integrated vacuum cleaner collection for collecting accumulated dust, thus providing a cleaner and safer working environment.


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