Skil 5740CD Review Compact Circular saw 40 mm with 130 mm Saw blade, Vacuum attachment and Parallel guide (700W)

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Features a compact design and a soft grip for optimal performance during sawing

Has a dust port for collecting dust

Saw line visor for cutting accurately

Provides clear instructions for mitre and cutting depth adjustment


The saw features a compact and light weight design. It is the best saw for sawing along a straight a line, thanks to its saw line visor which helps you saw accurately along the desired line without making any mistake. It has a 700watts motor and a very high speed of 4300rpm, which all comes with a light weight of just 2.5kg. The saw can be easily adjusted as it comes with clear and understandable instructions, while the in-built can easily be attached to a vacuum cleaner, thus collecting the accumulated dust which ensures a cleaner and safer working environment. The saw has a skil-guide rail port which allows you to easily mount the rail for cutting a straight line accurately and precisely. It features a tool-free adjustment of mitre and cutting depth


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