Silverline 247820 Review Silverstorm Power Belt File of 13 mm, 260 W

Silverline 247820 Review

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Tool Description and Specifications:

Electric belt sander with narrow, file-like sanding belt, adjustable file arm angle and variable speed control. Quick tensioning system enables quick and easy belt changes. For intricate sanding of various materials in difficult to access areas. Ideal for descaling, sanding and polishing of welds, deburring, shaping mortices and joints, and other specialised tasks.In conjunction with 10 and 100 Base-T networks

247820 Features:

In conjunction with 10 and 100 Base-T networks
50 micron gold plated connectors to ensure a clean and clear transmission
Premium snagless-type moulding to protect the connection
Available in a variety of colours
Exceeds the performance requirement of category 5e



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