Sealey LED2105F Review Cordless 21 Plus 5 LED Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Hi-Vis Inspection Lamp

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We looked at the tool and the Features of the Sealey LED2105F  and here’s what we found…

• Has 26 bright LEDs

• Has 360° swivel hanging hooks for hands-free applications

• Incorporates a replaceable shatterproof poly carbonate lens with a highly polished reflector for even distribution of light

• Has a powerful Lithium-ion polymer battery

• Supplied with mains and in-car charger


It features 26 bright LEDS, or 21 used as an inspection lamp or 5 in the end for use as a directional torch. It has two 360° swivel hanging hooks for hands-free applications and also allowing the lamp to be used horizontally or vertically. It incorporates three rubber covered magnets for protection against accidental damage, two magnets on the rear of the lamp for horizontal use and one on the end for vertical use. The bottom quarter of the lamp rotates 180° which ensures a proper positioning for ease of use when working on a ferrous surface. It has a replaceable shatterproof polycarbonate lens with a highly polished reflector board which provides an even distribution of light. The powerful Lithium-ion polymer battery (3.7V/1200mAh) ensures a longer life with no memory effect and a slower discharge compared to the typical Ni-MH batteries and can operate for up to four hours on a single charge.


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