Scheppach Tiger 2000S Review Sharpening and Honing System

Scheppach Tiger 2000S Review

The Tiger 2000S – Sharpening and Honing System is the perfect machine to eliminate costly errors because of blunt or incorrectly sharpened tools.

It offers a superb and professional result which can only come from tools with razor sharp edges.

The machine is ideal for sharpening knives, plane irons, chisels and other household and workshop tools.

The grinding stone is suitable for HSS tools, full range of jugs and accessories are available for K220 Grit Stone to provide a fine and excellent sharpening.

It features a sturdy plastic body and a very light weight of just 11kg.

It features a 120w induction motor and a 220 grit wheel with a leather honing wheel.

It has an adjustable tool rest and it is supplied with universal jig, small knife jig, and angle setter and honing paste.


Tiger 2000S Features:

  • It is supplied with a wide range of accessories
  • Features a sturdy plastic body
  • Has 120watts induction motor, 220 grit wheel and leather honing wheel
  • Provides a fine and excellent sharpening
  • Supplied with universal jig, small knife jig, angle setter and honing paste.


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