Scheppach PL55 Review Plunge Saw & 2 X 1.4M Guide Track & Connector + Spare 48Z Blade

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• Features a limit stop to prevent kickbacks

• Plunges easily into work tops

• Has a powerful 40watts motor

• Comes with 2 years warranty

• Fitted with 24z blade and an extra 48z balde


The pack contains 2 1.4M Guide Tracks, The Track Connector,2 Clamps and it also comes with a limit stop which helps to prevent kickbacks when plunging directly into work tops. The plunge saw is the perfect tool for any tradesman looking for a quality and cheap saw. The saw will plunge easily into worktops, thus allowing you to cut out perfect holes for sinks or hobs. It comes with a riving knife which retracts easily during plunging, while the powerful 40watts motor provides an incredible performance. The plunge saw turns through a 90 degrees angle and it has a maximum cutting depth of 55mm at 45 degrees angle. The saw is fitted with 24z blade and comes with an extra 48z blade. It comes with the manufacturer’s 2-year warranty.


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