Scheppach BTS 800 Review 240V Belt and Disc Sander

Scheppach BTS 800 Review

The sander features both disc and belt functions.

It is ideal for a quick and exact sanding and its combination of disc and belt sanding delivers the needed power to make the sanding of any work-piece meet your expectation.

The belt can be used on both the horizontal and vertical component, as it can be adjusted to a 90 degree angle.

The sanding table swings through a 45 degree angle, thus making it the ideal tool for both belt and disc sanding. The sanding disc or belt can easily be replaced, thanks to the sander’s Velcro fastening system.

The sander features a heavy-duty cast iron construction with adjustable mitre fence and rubber feet to ensure a vibration free usage.

It comes with a powerful 370 watts induction motor and a dust extraction facility.

The sander is the perfect tool for finishing timber work, shaping metals and sharpening blunted tools.


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Scheppach BTS 80 Features:

  • It has 370 watts induction motor
  • The Velcro fastening system allows you to replace the sanding disc easily
  • It has a dust extraction facility
  • Can easily be adjusted through 900 angle
  • Features a heavy-duty cast iron construction


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