Proxxon Micromot NG 5/E Review Mains Adapter

Proxxon Micromot NG 5/E

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Tool Description and Specifications:

With superior capacity of 5AIn compact NORYL casing (heat resistant – recommended for transformers)Variable speed control with feedback effect for optimum tool speed and high torque at low speedsThree polarised sockets for MICROMOT machinesA pair of sockets for standard banana plugs (4mm diameter) is also suppliedMaster switch for turning off the transformer without needing to unplug Red LED indicates ‘ready’PTC (Positive temperature coefficient) protection against overload:
Plugged in machine will not restart automatically – after cooling down, the mains plug should briefly be unplugged to reset the adapterWith storage holes for tools with 2.35mm and 3mm shaftsFoldable tool rest for the MICROMOT tool
Technical data:220 – 240 VSupplies 5.0A at 16 Volt open circuit and 12 Volt under loadWeight 2.000 g Class 2 insulation
Note:Power consumption of hand-held power tools is measured according to the internationally accepted ICE-745-1 specificationThe current drawn is measured, not the power consumption with a hot motor just before stalling In practice, this condition seldom appears, if ever All PROXXON mains adapters are suitably dimensioned for the recommended purposes
The adapters do not include the illustrated mill/drill units!EAN 4006274287044

Micromot NG 5/E Features:

EAN 4006274287044
Proxxon 28704
power tool



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