Metabo SXE450 Review 240V Orbit Sander

Metabo SXE450 Review

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The Metabo SXE450 Details and Spec is Below:

Tool Description and Specifications:

– Multi-purpose machine for sanding even and cambered surfaces, wood, plastics, non-ferrous metals, sheet steel
– Rotating and additional oscillating movement of backing pad for optimum finish
– Metabo SXE450 Comes with Variospeed (V) electronics
– Thumbwheel for preselection of speed
– TurboBoost switch: allows additional power reserves to be employed for achieving maximum removal
– No scratches while placing the running machine on the material (Power Control System)
– “Duo” Oscillating circuit setting for finishing or more cut
– Metabo Disc Sander comes with Removable side handle
– Dust-proof ball bearing
– Sturdy aluminum die cast bearing housing
– Velcro-faced backing pad
– Vibration damping, non-slip rubber support on the machine housing and the handle

METABO SXE 450 TurboTec Disc Sander 240V Comes With :-

– Velcro-faced backing pad
– 3 perforated cling-fit sanding sheets
– Hexagon spanner
– Removable side handle
– Dust collector cartridge
– Carton

METABO SXE 450 TurboTec Disc Sander 240V Specification :-

– Brand : METABO
– Duo Oscillating Circuit
– Intec Dust Extraction Unit
– Turbo Boost Switch
– Power Input : 350 W
– Oscillating Circuit : 2,8/6,2 mm
– Weight : 2.2kg
– Grinding Disc Diameter : 150mm

The SXE450 turboTec is high powered, compact in size and very lightweight.

SXE450 Features:

The SXE450 turboTec is high powered, compact in size and very lightweight.
It also comes with an Intec dust filter unit plus a turboBoost switch for maximum stock removal.
Improved ergonomics, styling and gearing with a bearing system that reduces vibration by 25%.



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