McCulloch 76.159.01 Review Trimmer Head P25, 2 mm 4 m HDO001

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We looked at the tool and the Features of the McCulloch 76.159.01 and here’s what we found…

• It fits easily into a wide range of trimmers

• It is an outdoor accessory

• It has a very light weight of just 381g

• Fitted with 2.0mm x 4m line


The universal trimmer head fits easily into the following trimmers: Flymo XLT2000, XLT250, XLT3000. McCulloch Trimmac ST, Pro Mac 320X, Trimmac TM252 SST GT, Trimmac TM251 SST, TM251 GT, Trimmac SL, Trimmac TM281 GT, Trimmac TM252 GT, Twist-n-Edge, Cabrio 244, 246, 249, 251, 261, 262, 290, 291, 300B, 300L, 300 Trio, 320, 321, 340, 341, 380, 390, 390SB, Supreme 250L, 300, 300B, 300E Comfort, 300J, 300L. Partner SST250, T330, Colibri II GT, T281 GT, B246, B250L, B251, B261, B291, B300B, B300E, B300EX, B300L, B300J, B300 Trio, B300TNG, B340, B340LX, B340BX, B341, T300, B244. The universal outdoor accessory is fitted with 2.0mm x 4m line.


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